Women’s Cancer Control Global Training Program

Our program has trained providers from 13 countries, shown in green

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Our program has trained over 200 healthcare professionals from Zambia, Botswana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Uganda, Swaziland, Lesotho, Mozambique, and the People’s Republic of China how to implement cervical cancer prevention programs using the screen-and-treat method. We have conducted off-site training programs in Cameroon, Nigeria and Tanzania. Trainees from several nations (Botswana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, and Cameroon) have initiated screen-and-treat cervical cancer prevention programs based on the CCPPZ model.

The training program teaches healthcare professionals not only about cervical cancer detection, but also quality improvement, data collection, medical records keeping, supply-chain management and systems management. Within the next year, we will add a training program for breast cancer screening, diagnosis, and surgical treatment.

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