The eHub

In 2006, we implemented an innovative electronic system to support nurse-led cervical cancer prevention clinics operating in resource-constrained environments, dubbed “electronic cervical cancer control,” or eC3®. In 2012, we expanded the platform. The new and more robust version is named the eHub, of which eC3® is a component. The eHub forms the cornerstone of the Centre’s unique screening system and represents the first e-based solution to breast and cervical cancer control on the African continent. In time, the eHub will permit rapid expansion of quality-controlled women’s cancer care services in resource-constrained environments as a result of its capacity to:

  • allow community health workers and non-physician providers to collect patient data electronically at the point-of-care,
  • provide rapid telemedicine-based distance consultation between physicians and non-physician providers, reducing the need for physicians and referrals,
  • assist community health workers with cellphone-based patient follow-up,
  • help trained nurses and clinical officers select proper treatment modalities,
  • support quality improvement, specifically peer and expert review of clinical decisions and pathologic diagnoses,
  • help nurses and trained technicians implement digital diagnostics, including cervicography, breast and pelvic ultrasound, mammography, and pathology,
  • offer distance education opportunities, including medical education seminars, educational conferences, tumor boards, and clinical pathological correlation meetings.

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