Community Engagement

Traditional marriage counselors (Alangizi) discuss how to educate brides-to-be about cervical and breast cancer screening

Using community health workers, former patients, traditional marriage counselors (Alangizi), church counselors, etc., in addition to the media, CCPPZ has crafted a cervical cancer awareness program that has reached over 550,000 Zambian women with messages about the importance of cervical cancer prevention.

In April 2012, CCPPZ obtained a grant from Susan G. Komen for the Cure to establish a country-wide alliance of cervical and breast cancer advocacy groups in Zambia. The alliance (Cancer Prevention Alliance of Zambia – CAPRAZ) has been formed and is presently developing a framework for channeling the collective efforts of the various groups into a sustainable platform that maximizes the number of women sensitized while minimizing duplication of efforts.

A group of traditional marriage counselors (Alangizi) wave their cervical cancer clinic registration cards after participating in cervical cancer screening

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