Learn About Cervical Cancer

The Cervical Cancer Action Webinars provide a free resource to learn more about the latest information and experience in global cervical cancer prevention. Check out a presentation from ACEWCC programme head Dr. Sharon Kapambwe under the webinar entitled “A cervical cancer free Africa: regional solutions for lasting change.”

Visit http://www.cervicalcanceraction.org/multimedia/multimedia.php to access the webinars.

For more resources on cervical cancer prevention worldwide, visit the cervical cancer action website at http://www.cervicalcanceraction.org/home/home.php.

GLOBOCAN 2012 provides the latest statistics on cervical cancer worldwide, complete with interactive incidence and mortality maps.

Visit http://globocan.iarc.fr/Default.aspx to access GLOBOCAN 2012.

RHO Cervical Cancer is an online information resource for health program managers and decision-makers working in developing countries and low-resource settings. However, the page provides excellence resources for cervical cancer experts and non-experts alike. RHO cervical cancer includes a Cervical Cancer Prevention Action Planner, a Practical Experience Series, a Cervical Cancer Library, and more.

To access RHO Cervical Cancer, visit http://www.rho.org/.


The Global Health Network offers, among other things, free certificated online training courses on issues related to research trials, translated into 20 languages, and a professional membership scheme for laboratory staff.

To access TGHN, visit https://tghn.org/about/.

The Global Library of Women’s Medicine is a free online comprehensive textbook of women’s medicine with 446 specially commissioned chapters covering most key areas of women’s medicine, peer reviewed, regularly updated and written by distinguished specialists. Each chapter is illustrated where appropriate and extensively referenced.

Visit www.glowm.com to check out the library.